Photographic Memory

Interesting discussion in the pub tonight about how people use cameras now that everyone[1] has one in their phone and therefore in their pocket all the time. It seems that people are using them as a photgraphic memory. Want to remember the opening times of your local supermarket over the christmas period? Don’t write it down, just take a photo of the sign. In an important meeting where a new system has been sketched out on the whiteboard? Take a photo of the diagram.

The next step (which admittedly no-one said they had seen yet) would appear to be to combine this concept with the social photo sharing of a site like Flickr. That way if I need to know if when my local Sainsburys is open I can just search Flickr with the tags “balham sainsburys times” and find someone else’s photo of the sign.

Mark my words. It’s just a question of time :)

[1] Well, not quite everyone. I still don’t have a camera in my phone.

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