Death of the VCR

A slight case of synchronicity.

Yesterday we had a discussion about what we would do when people stop making VCRs. We have hundreds of video tapes, both bought and recorded from the TV, and it would be a pain to not be able to watch them again once our last VCR hits the dust. The popular solution seems to be to buy a recordable DVD player and dump all of your tapes onto disk. That would be a major undertaking with our collection.

And I’m still waiting for a sub-£200 recordable DVD player with a built-in Tivo. Oh and it needs to have wireless connectivity so recordings can be watched on any TV in the house. I reckon I have another year or so to wait.

But then this morning there’s lots of news about Dixon’s announcement that they will stop selling VCRs when their current stock has run out. So the death of the VCR is closer than I thought.

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