H2G2 Series 3

Bugger, I screwed up last night. It was the first episode of the new Hitchhikers series. I didn’t try very hard to get home in time for the broadcast at 18:30 as I thought I could catch it on the BBC’s web site.

But it appears that it won’t be available there until after the repeat on Thursday at 23:00. So I won’t hear it until then.

No big deal I know. I’ve waited over twenty years for a new series. Another couple of days won’t hurt. I didn’t hear the first episode of the first series either. I didn’t know about it. It was only the incredible buzz about it at school the next week that made me tune in for the second episode. H2G2 is really made for radio. All other versions are inferior (tho’ still very enjoyable) copies.

Instead, I spent an enjoyable couple of hours reminding myself of the game.

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