Statue of Liberty

It’s nice to see that the Statue of Liberty has reopened after it was badly damaged in the X-Men film… er… no wait… since it was completely unharmed in the Al-Queda attacks in September 2001. It’s understandable that the Americans would want to celebrate its reopening.

But as a letter in today’s Guardian points out, is it worth reminding them who gave the statue to the US in the first place – a bunch of cheese-eating, surrender monkeys.


  1. Everybody knows that the Statue of Liberty was decapitated by the French terrorist group Silhouette, causing the American government to sponsor the creation of UNATCO, the United Nations Anti-Terrorist COalition, who primarily employed first cyborgs and later nano-enhanced agents in the field.Or have I been playing too much Deus Ex?

  2. Naw, the Liberty Statue was hit by missles that Saddam Gomorrah Bin Laden guy launched before he crashed into the Washington Monument. That’s why we went to war.Right?

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