David Cross

I’m sitting in my local pub yesterday when I notice that one of the (many) advertising postcards displayed in front of me has the name “David Cross” written across it – which is quite a strange experience.

Further investigation reveals that the American comic David Cross is performing in the UK for the first time later this month. The back of the postcard contains this quote

“If you miss an opportunity to see him perform… you’re a total asshole. David Cross dominates my world.” – Jack Black

Which has to be .sig material!

Hmm… I wonder if I can create a set of .sig quotes based totally on what people have said about other people who share my name. I know of the comic, a musician, a 1970s British footballer and a chap who writes Photoshop books.


  1. I get a bloke who builds boats, and when I was a kid there was a cameraman on Crackerjack called Ian Howlett too, which always amused me no end!

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