Blue Nile

Blimey. A new album from the Blue Nile. That makes four in just over twenty years. Not exactly the hardest working band in the world.

Their last album, Peace at Last (1996), wasn’t their best, but the first two, A Walk Across the Rooftops (1983) and Hats (1989), are two of the finest in my collection. I recommend them o anyone.

I’ve just realised that they are actually slowing down at a uniform rate. There was a six year gap between the first two albums, then a seven gap before the next one and an eight year gap until this one. I predict the next one will appear in 2013.

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Yeh, I spotted that a while back ( ). Though your calculation of their rate of decelleration is better than my glib observation.Anyhow, point. I am glad someone else remembers them fondly. I likes ‘Hats’ best of all. Have a 12″ of theirs somewhere, which is near album length itself.And ‘Peace At Last’ grew on me over time. Spin it again. I bet you like it better now a few years has past since you last listened.

Having waited several years since hearing rumours that a new album was imminent, finally it’s been released.I’ve seen them twice in concert in the last 20-odd years and had the most surreal experience at The London Palladium – the mosh pit consisted of one, probably stoned, chap standing at the front of the stalls gently swaying; he didn’t stop between songs!Great band whose songs are widely covered so we shouldn’t knock them for not working too hard – the royalties from other artists alone must make it worth their while.

If you like the blue nile, and possibley remember then Big Dish, then you’ll be interest to here Steven Lindsay has new albu out.”He’s the credible balladeer the Dido-loving masses need to know about.””A hugely impressive piece of work that gets better with every listen, Exit Music is proof positive that some things are well worth waiting for.””It’s the kind of disc that’s liable to start its own cult.””Chris Martin must dream of being able to make an album this good””Lindsay‚Äôs music has much in common with current plaintive piano-tinklers such as Coldplay and Keane. Goodnight is the good sister to the recent Chris Martin-penned Embrace single Gravity””It would be a crime of heinous proportions if this indie disc was overlooked.”Curently booked to play The Arches Glasgow and Bush Hall London in March more at

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