The “Acceptable” Face of the BNP

Meet Jennifer Griffin. You’ll probably be seeing a bit more of her as she’s the daughter of BNP leader Nick Griffin and they will be using her in their party political broadcasts for the forthcoming elections.

Like many BNP members, she doesn’t seem very bright. She was interviewed during filming for one of the TV slots.

‘How do I know we have enough immigrants in this country?’ she asked. ‘I saw proof of it today: quite literally, me and the film crew were the only white faces on the street. They were all Asians or coloured people, and that tells me this country is full up.’

Jennifer is not certain where she was filming. ‘Somewhere “Green”,’ she hesitates. ‘Green Lanes?’ She has an excuse to be confused: she has never been to London before. She admits she has no idea that Green Lanes is a key centre of London’s Asian community. She adds that she had thought it was representative of the whole city, if not all of England.

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I’m not defending the BNP. You say “she doesn’t seem very bright”, I say, journalists can pretty much show you in any light they want in their newspaper.Is the Guardian likely to print a story that shows the new public face of the BNP in a good light? I think not.

Ofcourse the media are going to criticize, they are very good at it. They have no choice but to critcize young Jennifer because like all liberal – lefties, they are all in a state of denial regarding the truth! Jennifer should be praised as she is clearly showing a strong concern for her country. As am I, and likewise i’m only 18 too.

She’s not “showing a strong concern for her country”, she’s parroting nonsense that her father has told her.Face it John, the vast majority of people in the UK find the views of the BNP to be abhorrent. We are living in a multi-cultural society – and that’s a good thing.

Davorg – I am a decent man and I respect your opinion as I would do with anyone. If it was just “parroting nonsense” then why would she have the guts to expose her beliefs on national television. Clearly she does feel strongly about what she believes and by being a member of the British National Party she is DEFINATLEY showing clear concern for her country and its indigenous peoples.

What the BNP believe in and stand for is wrong, let me make that very clear. However, everyone needs to understand that we do have a problem in this country, a serious problem that will not disappear until the immigration matter is tackled ‘head on’ by our current government. I have always admired Enoch Powell, he was a legitimate and respected politician who spoke his mind and had the correct plan for our future. Am I racist? No, but I despise seeing immigrants who have no respect for this country continuing to abuse and deface it. Eventually the widespread public will see this, and put a stop to these pathetic, moronic groups like ‘Liberty’. I believe in immigration and think it is a good thing– but I do not agree with MASS immigration!

“I despise seeing immigrants who have no respect for this country continuing to abuse and deface it”From where I’m sitting the people who are “abusing and defacing” this country are of all races. Go to any town centre on a Saturday night. See the groups of teenager standing around being abusive. In my experience there are more whites involved than any other race. The poverty and boredom that drives this behaviour is no respecter of race.Or perhaps you meant something different?Personally I think the biggest challenge facing British culture these days is the wholesale import of US culture – but you never see the racists complaining about that :)

Very, very good point. As I made clear: I’m not a racist. On the contrary, I agree with Immigration, but am against mass and unfiltered immigration. No one can deny the fact that we do have a huge problem with Asylum in this country that needs addressing.

Hello Andrew. I take your opinion on board. However I would like you to enlighten me, if you can, as to why you think what the BNP believe in and stand for is wrong. What do you think they stand for and believe in?

Is this supposed to be some kind of joke, why do we bother, yes I am a member of the BNP, yes I am right wing, yes I am proud to be white. NO I do not believe in racism, NO I don’t think whites are better than Blacks, NO I don’t want to kick them all out of the country. And no I am not a Protestant, I am a Roman Catholic. I merely wish to preserve thw white race, and make GREAT Britain mean something again.But if this “R Sole” is some kind of joke set up by one of you then that is ridiculous. We are all adults for fucksake.

Hello John: Okay, my problem with the BNP is that they are not (and never will be) a respected political party. A large amount of their councillors\members have criminal records for various race related crimes. I’m not going to lie and say that I totally disagree with them, some of their thoughts are perfectly legitimate, but a majority are not. I just feel they go ‘too far’ and also have a rather unsavoury reputation to put it mildly. To many people the BNP is simply a nicely packaged version of the National Front, who of course are more of a ‘gang’ than a political party. I think Michael Howard made a very good point recently about immigration, and I more or less tend to side with them. As long as immigration is filtered (i.e, applicants graded on qualifications, etc) and managed correctly, then it can be a benefit to our country. As long as the figures are minimal (and I do stress minimal).

Good evening. Yes indeed SOME members of the BNP shamefully have criminal members, however Lab/Lib/Con members and ELECTED OFFICIALS have criminal records for far worse crimes than using the word “Paki” etc (putting it bluntly. For example a number of ELECTED OFFICIALS have been found guilty of possesing child porn. Yet whole party reputation is not dampended. For the record the British National Party has no connection with the National Front. If this were the case why the need for the two parties? Today’s Labour party is not the same as it was , it is now NEW Labour. The BNP changed for the better when Mr Griffin took over the party and contrary to what certain marxist doctrinated tabloids may tell you, they are the fastest growing political party in the UK. Can I ask you Andrew, where are you from?

I didn’t make a good job of proof reading! I meant members with previous convictions, however the BNP wants to keep up the good work, and therefore rid the party of liabilites.

Hi again John. I think you’ll find that in comparison to the BNP, very small numbers of elected MP’s from mainstream parties have criminal records, very few. I think the public’s main problem with the BNP is the fact that indeed some members do have criminal records for race related crimes, and seeing as this country’s population incorporates a fair few ethic minorities who have the right to vote, it is thought upon as unacceptable that the BNP are alienating these groups. Once again, as I said I’m totally against this government’s attitude on immigration and also cannot stand groups like ‘Liberty’ who campaign for asylum seekers without thinking about the long term complications of accommodating this ‘flood’. I’m from an area in Berkshire that has a very small population of ethnic-minorities, but of course the country as a whole does have a problem. Although I don’t agree with the BNP (but do side with them on some of their policies), I think their presence pushes the two main parties to act upon the asylum issue, so I’m not entirely against the presence of the BNP. What was your main motivation for joining the BNP, John?

Hmmm…Very interesting. I suspect that this post was made by someone from the BNP to try and distance themselves from the National Front. You don’t fool me!

Well it was not me and personnaly I take offense to being called a wank or in this case a “WAMK.”There is however major differences between the British National Party and the National Front.My reason for joining the party is because I agree with their policies – I find nothing racist or offensive about them.Observe the BNP website and see what I mean in terms of policies and it might be an idea to look at the National Front website too, just to see that their is a difference.

ANDY Boy – Do u think i’m a nice guy????John – Why the BNP and not the NF, we r wicked!!! We go on marches and everythin do u?Who supports West Ham Utd in ere?

Hi again John. I think you’ll find that in comparison to the BNP, very small numbers of elected MP’s from mainstream parties have criminal records, very few.Ive got a long list of mainstream party members that have been convicted of serious criminal offense’s


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