Desecrating the Flag

I’ve never seen the point of patriotism. As far as I can see nothing good ever came out of people being patriotic. And one of the most stupid manifestations of patriotism is when people start to treat their countries flag as an object of reverence. I’ve always found it really funny when people in the USA get upset about people “desecrating the flag”. Whenever I hear about people being imprisoned for mistreating the US flag I’m always grateful that I live in a country that has a bit more perspective on these things.

But that might not be true for much longer. According to front page of today’s Sunday Express a group of MPs want to pass a law that would make desecrating the flag a crime in the UK.

It’s laughable.

Update: I should make it clear that of course I don’t think that everyone from the USA is like that. But there are enough of them to make it all a bit worrying.

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  1. We’re really not all that dumb. Please don’t judge the country based on some anti-flag-burners, and we won’t judge the UK based on the Royal Family and David Blaine.

  2. I am pretty sure that you can’t go to jail for burning an American flag while you are in the US. I am pretty sure that SCOTUS ruled the anti-burn laws as contrary to the first amendment and thus unconstitutional.I have a problem with people who burn the US flag. I have more of a problem with people who would try and stop them.

  3. I guess you would laugh also at the suffering and death of men and women who fought for freedom during two world wars.Their national flag represents the ideal for which they fought, your attitude is apalling, I have to hope that you are too young to know better, otherwise…God help us!Your freedom to express your view is the result of their sacrifice, please remember that.

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