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  1. Ooh, how interesting. 50 books is a lot, though – that’s like a book a week! If only I had the time to read that many books! However, I shall be endeavouring to read as many of Mr. Pratchett’s fine Discworld books as possible!

  2. See, a book a week feels like slacking to me. Especially if you’re reading Terry Pratchett where each book only takes about four hours to read.And I decided over ten years ago that I wouldn’t waste any more of my time reading Pratchett books. Try something with a bit more meat. Something by Ian McEwan perhaps, or Peter Ackroyd.

  3. I read rather less now I’m not commuting, but I still devour books at a fair old rate. Though I confess I’m taking Daniel Dennett’s excellent Freedom Evolves rather slowly, but it’s a very closely argued book.

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