1. Sorry,Tony, I despise you,Blunkett, Straw, Clark and all your New Labour mates. This from a person a devout Labour person from the age of 12, allof 50 years ago.Come the General Election, I will not do a thing for the Party which I love- until you go. You remind me more and more of the other great thraitor, Ramsay MacDonald. Iraq,WMD’S, YOUR BEST FRIENDSHIP with Wubya- who is your sworn enemy- unless you really are the TORY I always thought you were and are.There are many labour MP’s I would walk to the end of the Earth to help get in. You,no.

  2. Dear Tony,I don’t like you. I have a similar loathing for Straw,Blunkett, Clarke, Mandleson and various other Labour arseholes. This Labour diehard will not be voting at the next General Election. I will,however, be doing everything possible to get my local council elected. They are brilliant Labour, and would be even more brilliant if you lot at Westminster stopped taking the piss out of local government. Please do not be a total arsehole and deny that. I have observed both you and the Tories giving local democracy a very hard time. My local community, by the way, have the usual problems. Teenagers who are totally lacking in good manners. They are also utter litter bugs even though there are litter bins everywhere. They are also very ignorant. My ansswer,though, is not a Blunkett answer.

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