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  1. Apply it to the sensor on one of the touch-screen ticket machines and it’ll show you your recent tfl movements.You are being watched.

  2. Im 14 years old and i want to get my hand on the oystercard. I whent to my local tube station i picked up a oyster registration form i filled is it posible that i will get one of these card if i send it back to the tube station.

  3. Oyster cars are no use for those of us who only visit London on odd occasions. So we will have to pay more and there is no alternative.

    There is a world outside of London you know.

  4. Runner,

    I hear comments like yours a lot, but I don’t think you’re right. Oyster Prepay is exactly what you want. Buy yourself an Oystercard with a bit of prepay credit on it (which you can do over the internet) and top it up in the tube station every time you come to London.

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