“Holly is the new Buffy”

Abysmal UK tabloid The Daily Star ran a story today saying that “actress” and “singer” Holly Vallance will be taking over the part of Buffy from Sarah Michelle Gellar in the next season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It’s unfortunately not on their web site, but their sister paper The Daily Record is running a very similar story.

See how many factual errors you can spot.

Update for the hard-of-understanding (as people seem to be picking up this entry from Google or something)

There is no truth in the story at all. The British tabloid press is well-known for making up stories when it suits them. I posted this as an example of those inventions. Please don’t think that this has ever been a possibility. Buffy is finishing at the end of season seven. No more programmes will be made. No-one else will be playing Buffy.


  1. I think that even the idea of anyone trying to replace Sarah Gellar is terrible – whoever suggested Holly Vallance must have had a labotomy! It would be the most devastating thing that could ever happen. I personally would rather see the series end than be ruined by an inexperienced actress with the depth of a toothpick. No offence to Holly, but there is no following SMG. Please Joss – don’t do this!

  2. I’m sorry, it seem that I wasn’t clear enough.The story is nonsense. There is no chance that another actor will play Buffy. Joss Whedon confirmed weeks ago that Buffy will finish at the end of the current (seventh) season.For more credible Buffy news see http://www.whedonesque.com.

  3. I knew that Joss Whedon had said that it was finished after season seven, but after I saw the “Holly is the new Buffy” I was extremely distressed! You can never be too sure about what is true and what isn’t.Thank you for clearing that up.Donna

  4. I am so angry that anyone would even consider replacing SMG. Holly Vallence cant even sing never mind act. Holly go back 2 neighbours. i think that if anyone has to replace SMG then it should be someone like Christina Aguleria ( if she took out all her peircin’s and cut her hair ) you may laugh but please ANYONE BUT HOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. “who cares about whether if Holly can act. She’s a knockout compared to Sarah Gellar!”Toothpick, please go away and don’t comment on my blog again until you have something intelligent to say.

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