Anti-War Demo

If you don’t know that there’s an Anti-War Demo on Saturday then you must be living on another planet.

From what I’m seeing the number of people who are planning to go on this demo is huge. When I was a student, I was surrounded by people who thought like me and we’d all go off on demos together. Since then I seem to know less and less people who would see spending an afternoon marching through London as a useful way to spend their time. I’ve become used to people looking at me slightly strangely when I say I’m going on a demo.

But this this time it’s different. Everyone that I talk to is planning to go along. Even people who have never been on a demo in their life are considering going along. This march isn’t just going to be people selling Socialist Worker or career lefties. It will be people from all sections of British society. I really think that the government is going to be taken aback by the breadth of support that the anti-war movement has. Blair is wrong to support Bush. Only a very small number of people can’t see this.

Is strongly suspect that this could be the largest demo that London has ever seen.

Please come along and help prove me right.

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