My Family in 1939

Here in the UK, a census has been taken almost every ten years since 1841. There were a few censuses before that, but before 1841 they only counted people – they didn’t include lists of names. These census records are released 100 years after the date of the census and this data is of great […]

Genealogy Primer

A friend saw me mention my interest in genealogy and asked for some tips on getting started. Rather than letting my reply languish as a comment inside the Facebook Walled Garden, I thought it would be worth publishing it here too. This is a very quick introduction. If there’s enough interest, I might write it […]

Internet Genealogy

In 1992 I started tracing my family history. The two main tools for amateur genealogists (at least until they get back to about 1840) are the indexes of registrations of births, deaths and marriages and the returns from the census which has been taken every ten years since 1841 (there are earlier censuses, but they […]

Nicholas Crosse son of John Crosse

The earliest confirmed ancestor that I’ve found is Thomas Cross, my 5 x Great Grandfather, who married Hannah Canham in Great Holland (only a few miles from where my parents still live) in February 1776. On Wednesday I was in the Society of Genealogists library and I found a lovely bound copy of the parish […]