Week Notes 47 & 48

As the year draws to an end I seem to have settled into a rhythm of fortnightly “week notes”. I’ll try to do better next year.


One classic album review here (I’m now three albums behind on that!). But I’ve written four blog posts over on my Perl blog.


My weight is still stable at about two stone less than it was at the start of the year. I haven’t been doing much exercise and I’ve been eating a bit more cavalierly than I have for most of the year, so I’m pretty happy with that.

With the festive season coming up, together with all the eating that entails, I’ll be happy if I stay at this weight until the end of the year. I can then have a fresh go at losing another two stone next year.

Speaking and Training

Last Saturday was the London Perl Workshop. I seemed to be speaking pretty much all day. Everything went well with one exception. On one of my talks I broke the second law of presenting and forgot to plug in my laptop. The battery gave out about two minutes from the end of the talk. Not very professional.

Next weekend is the next Perl School. Tickets are going well, and I’ve almost got the course written.

I already have three public training courses booked in for next year.

That last one is a new experiment. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes.


A lot of the talk at my house over the last couple of weeks has been about our Christmas holiday. We’re going on safari in South Africa over Christmas before spending a few days around New Year’s Eve in Cape Town. It’s the first big holiday I’ve had for about five years, so I’m really looking forward to it.


This has been a gig-free week. But I saw a couple of things the week before. On Monday 18th November I saw Gong at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire. I’m glad I’ve seen them, but they went on a bit and I don’t think I’ll bother again. It was the least busy I’ve ever seen the Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

Then on Thursday, I saw The Magnetic North at the Purcell Room. If you haven’t heard their album then I highly recommend that you check it out. They were great live too, but I don’t think they have very many gigs planned.

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