Week Notes 32


Four blog posts this week. One of the best weeks this year. There was the weekly “classic album” post (reaffirming my suspicion that I don’t like reggae), two on the BBC’s lack of coverage of the Curiosity rover and one on the gullibility of people who share things on Facebook and Twitter without checking the facts first.


The running is still going well. I say “well”, but I’m still not really enjoying it. But I can see the benefits and I can see the improvements – which is why I keep going.

Last week the programme I’m following kicked up a gear. Previously it was three repetitions of five minutes walking followed by two minutes running (yes, I know that barely counts as exercise for most of you – but we’re talking about someone who has done practically no exercise for about thirty years). Now it has switched to four repetitions of three minutes walking and four minutes running. And it’s wiping me out. I can really feel that I’m getting some exercise.

I’m supposed to switch up a level again tomorrow. But I think I’m going to wimp out and stay on this level for another week.

Speaking and Training

Nothing much happening here. I’m still winding down from the Perl School last weekend. I need to start promoting the next one in October and even think about the one after that – which will probably be in early December.


Still enjoying the Olympics. But there’s definitely one area where my cynicism is still intact. I can’t stand most sports presenters and commentators. It’s a rare sportsman or sportswoman who has anything interesting to say and most of the presenters and commentators are sportsmen or sportswomen who retired twenty years ago and who haven’t become any more interesting in the intervening years. Many of them are borderline illiterate.


Last weekend I saw a free Clapham Picturehouse members preview of Take This Waltz. I’m glad I went as it’s certainly not a film I would have paid to see and it was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be.

Yesterday I watched the film of Edge of Darkness. Of course it’s a pointless remake of a top quality BBC drama (see also State of Play) but it’s surprisingly good. Even though Mel Gibson is certainly no Bob Peck.

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