Week Notes 31


Only one blog post last week, and that was my self-enforced “classic albums” post. I have a few ideas for posts this week though – and I might well have a bit more time to get them written.


The fitness regime is going well. I’ve been running five times since this time last week. But you know those people who say they get addicted to exercise because of the endorphin rush? I call bullshit on that. I’ve been running for three or four weeks now and I don’t get any of that. Every morning I have a long debate with myself about getting out of bed and going for a run. I only force myself into it because I can see the benefits.

I there’s no doubt about the benefits. I can see myself running further and faster each time. And my weight is now lower than it has been since records began (well, since adult records began).

Training and Speaking

Yesterday was the first Perl School. Twenty-five programmers came along and listened to me spend about six hours telling them how wonderful Perl is. And I think I may have persuaded some of them.

Most of the week was spent writing the slides for the course. I left it all to the last minute. Which mean a few embarrassing typos as I was presenting yesterday. Those will definitely be fixed before the next version in two months time.

And I learned a valuable lesson. A number of people don’t value free training. There were fifty places on the course. They were all booked within 24 hours. A few people dropped out over the last few weeks but it was simple to find others to take their place. Five people emailed me to tell me that they couldn’t come in the twelve hours before the course. But about twenty people who were booked, just didn’t turn up.

The next time I run the course it will cost £30. It’ll be harder to sell the tickets, but at least people will be more likely to turn up if they have money invested.


I’ve been slowly drawn into the Olympics. I thought that after the opening ceremony I’d lose interest again. But I’ve been keeping up with all the news. Even watching some of it live. I’ve even been looking at the ticket web site occasionally to see if I can pick some cheap tickets for something interesting.

Last night I spent four hours sitting and watching the athletics. That’s something that I never do.


I’ve been so busy working on Perl School that I haven’t done anything else this week.

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