Week Notes 28


Two blog posts in one week! One celebrating the tenth anniversary of this blog and one about how Bose keep giving me free stuff.


My running shoes arrived during the week and after a few days of prevarication I went on my first run this morning. I’m following a pretty conservative program aimed at unfit old gits like me so today’s “run” actually consisted of a lot of walking with a few short spurts of jogging. But it seemed to go ok.

Training and Speaking

I’ve been invited to give a short talk about Perl at the next London Raspberry Jam – which is a group aimed at people interested in the Raspberry Pi. That’ll be in about ten days time. More details when it’s confirmed.

Next week I’m training a client in Oxford for a couple of days. The downside is that I need to be on a train out of Paddington before 8am.


Didn’t see anything this week, but today I’m going to see Paul Simon (and some other people) in Hyde Park. It’s supposed to be the first day for ages with little or no rain. Let’s hope so.

And then next weekend is the London Folk Fest. They hold it in the pub at the end of my road – so it would be rude not to go.

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