Week Notes 25


One blog post this week. I got angry about the ridiculous way that politicians refuse to have an intelligent discussion about drug policy.

Training and Speaking

Still trying to plug Perl School. It’s amazing how much difference a fee (even a small one like £30) makes.

I’ve started to plan next years courses. Looks like I’ll be doing my usual week of public training courses for FlossUK in February.


I’e written a piece for Josetteorama. It should be published in the next couple of days. I’ve also finished reading a book that I’m supposed to be reviewing. I might get time to write the review this afternoon.


My weight loss seems to have stalled a bit. I’ve been hovering around the same weight for over a week. Need something to kick-start the process again.

I’ve started to think seriously about jogging. Only thinking currently. Next step will be buying some running shoes.


Amanda Palmer was in London this week and played three gigs. I made it to the third night. It was every bit as wonderful as expected.

Yesterday I was supposed to be at the Crystal Palace Garden Party, which would have featured people like Rick Wakeman, Hawkwind and Barclay James Harvest. But unfortunately it was cancelled a few weeks ago. Apparently on close inspection they found that the stage just wasn’t up to the job.


Last night I watched The Woman In Black. A couple of years ago I saw the play which is based on the same novel and really enjoyed it. But stripped of all the clever stagecraft, the story turns out to be a little pedestrian.

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  1. My advice with jogging is to start slow… embarrassingly slow. I also read that you should try running for 5 minutes and then walk for 2. Jordan and I did this and we managed to go almost 3 miles and didn’t feel like absolute hell the next day. The next time we went out we went a little faster and walked a little less.

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