Week Notes 13

Week 13 must mean we’re a quarter of the way through the year. Tempus fugit and all that.


Two blog posts here this week. The first invited people to the third Mediawatchery Blogging Meet-Up Thingy which will take place in Reading on May 12th. The second was a bit of a rant about how certain web sites are still encouraging people to be cavalier with their passwords.


I was invited back to St George’s hospital this week. It turned out that it was just for a talk with the Osteoporosis Department’s Liaison Nurse. Because my fall wasn’t particularly spectacular their systems automatically flag it up as potential osteoporosis. She had the results of the bone densitometry tests that I had in February. They are well within the normal range and haven’t changed since I last had the tests five or six years ago. She’ll ask my GP to do some blood tests and recommends getting another set of bone densitometry tests done in five years time. But she doesn’t think I have osteoporosis.

Yesterday I did the longest walk I’ve done since my fall. We went up to Highgate and spent a few hours wandering around the cemetery.

During the week, I saw that the Biobank data has become available to researchers for the first time. My data is in there somewhere. It’s all anonymised of course, but I’m the overweight, unfit 40-something.


It’s new phone time. I’ve bought a Galaxy Nexus. The change from Froyo (Android 2.2) to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) is pretty huge and some changes are taking some getting used to.

One big change is that the phone no longer presents itself to a computer as USB Mass Storage. It now uses the Media Transfer Protocol. Support for this in Linux seems a bit flaky right now, but I’m sure it will improve as more and more users (and developers) get their hands on devices using Ice Cream Sandwich.

I only got the phone yesterday, so it’s early days. Expect a more detailed review in the next couple of weeks.


I really enjoyed The Hunger Games. Obviously it’s really simplified from the novel. But that’s, of course, inevitable when turning a relatively complex novel into a two hour film.

While we’re talking about films, the Fantasy Film League is about to start its new season. It’s a bit like Fantasy Football League, but about things that are interesting. You choose a director and six actors for your film and you score points whenever your stars are in films that are in the UK or US box office top ten. If you fancy entering a film, then please also consider joining my league – just use the code 2857ed1a. Four of us took part last year and it was a lot of fun.


This week was all about Mad Men. It wasn’t at all difficult to find the first episode of series five – so we watched and enjoyed that on Monday. This week we’ll do that again and also add Game of Thrones into the mix.

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