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For the last two years I’ve been using an HTC Desire. In the last few days I’ve upgraded to an HTC One X. Whilst I liked the Desire a lot, one thing that really let it down – the lack of space to install apps. I spent most of the last year with the “short of space” notification on. At times I was running a “one out, one in” policy where I could only install a new app if I removed one first.

The One X has a lot more memory, so I’m hoping that I won’t have so much problem installing apps and can try some new and interesting ones. I’ve started by installing what I consider the essential apps.

Then I installed a few apps that I used to use, but that I had to give up when I ran out of space on the Desire:

There’s one app that I used to use that I can no longer find. I think it was called Movie Finder and it listed all the films that were on at all the cinemas in London (or, perhaps, the UK). If anyone knows what it was – or can recommend a replacement – then please let me know.

I’ve installed some semi-random apps that caught my eye:

  • Gigbeat – Who seem to have beaten Songkick to producing an app that uses Songkick data.
  • Instagram – But it currently doesn’t support the camera in the One X. I’m sure that’ll come soon.
  • Night Clock
  • VirginMedia TV guide – currently just a TV guide, but it’ll be awesome when I get a Tivo as you can program it remotely.

That’s as far as it goes so far. But the Android market (sorry, I mean the “Google Play Store”) is now huge. I’m sure I’m missing out on interesting and useful apps. Or, perhaps, there are better apps available to replace the ones I’m currently using. Is Tweetdeck still the best Twitter client? Is there a better augmented reality app than Wikitude?

What am I missing out on?


  1. Some good choices, I also like….
    Expensify – a must if you’re self employed or regularly need to scan receipts.
    Untappd – it’s a web app, rather than a download. Think FourSquare for beer.
    WorldCard Mobile – best app for scanning in business cards & adding them to your address book.
    ImageShrink Lite – quickly resize your high-res images to make them quick to send via email etc.
    Font Installer – you need to be rooted, but this allows you to set the system font to Helvetica or something more exotic.
    SMS Backup+ – I’m not sure if Handcent does it, but this back up your SMS to Gmail.

    For Games:
    Whale Trail
    They Need To Be Fed
    Beebdroid – BBC Micro Emulator!

  2. Just a quick comment, I my have a look at my phone and comment again when I have more time.

    After getting an Android phone and trying a few Twitter apps, I’ve found Tweetcaster the one for me. Nice UI, good for multiple accounts, the way it refreshes etc. The only downside I’ve found with it is although you can use for shortening URL’s, it can’t link to your account for tracking clicks and stuff, yet…

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