Review of 2009: Favourite Posts

Following on from my earlier list of the most popular posts on this site over the last year, here is a list of my favourite posts. As last year, I’ve chosen one from each month.

  • Hope
    Not many posts to choose from in January so I’ve chosen one where I tried to sum up the hope I felt following Barack Obama’s inauguration.
  • Creationist Idiocy in the UK
    My reactions to the depressing findings of a poll which showed that creationism is on the rise in the UK.
  • Internet Genealogy
    A post summarising the changes that the internet has brought to the world of genealogy.
  • Overcomplicating Matters
    An attempt to understand why so many MPs’ web sites and blogs get the simplest of things horribly wrong.
  • Defending Homeopathy (Or Not)
    A post telling the story of how Neal’s Yard’s Remedies scored a spectacular publicity own goal by failing to engage with the Guardian’s readership.
  • Who Is To Blame?
    In June we had European elections. And the BNP won two seats. This made a large number of rational people very angry. In this post I tried to understand what had caused people to vote for such poisonous representatives.
  • A Life Well Documented
    In July I wrote about a couple of projects that were helping me to document my life.
  • Support from the Internet
    In August I alomost didn’t get to a conference because I couldn’t find my passport. I found it in the end and just made it to the airport in time. This post tells the story and talks about the incredible support I was getting from my friends on Twitter and Facebook whilst the saga was unfolding.
  • Building Web Sites is Easy
    Returning to an earlier theme, I looked at why so many organisations spend too much money on web sites and end up with unmaintainable monstrosities, when the open source solution is often better.
  • Nadnomics
    Nadine Dorries gave me a lot of material this year. In this post I attempted to teach her the basics of statistics.
  • He Blinded Me with Science
    Following the sacking of David Nutt, in early November AN Wilson wrote the most ridiculous pile of anti-scientific nonsense that I’ve ever read. In this post I pointed out some of his most obvious errors. This post was also featured on Mailwatch where it received rather more comment.
  • I Can’t Hear You La La La La
    One thing that really wound me up in 2009 was the number of people who used blogs and Twitter to broadcast their opinions rather than as a tool for interaction. This post has some examples from that well-known internet expert Nadine Dorries.
  • Thanks for reading. Happy New Year.

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