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Blimey, is it really that long since I posted anything. Sorry about that, I’ve been busy on other projects – in the last week I’ve presented two and a half days of Perl courses and that’s on top of my last few weeks at LoveFilm all being a bit manic. There have also been a few other projects going on in the background and one of those finally went public yesterday.

Many of you will already be aware of the Mail Watch web site. For the last few years, Merk has posted the front page and his vast army of readers have taken the piss. Now, that approach has moved to the next level. Tim Ireland has got involved and he’s brough in an amazing team of writers who are going to endeavour to expose as many as possible of the opinions that the Mail writers present as facts. From Tim’s introductory post:

The purpose of the site is simple; editors will be quietly documenting
outright lies peddled by the Daily Mail, and seeking to bring this
culture of fear and falsehood to the attention of those Mail readers
curious enough to use a search engine or browse the evil underground
world of weblogs.

I’ve been involved with this project in a couple of ways. I’m helping Merk out with some of the day-to-day geekery that goes on behind the scenes (and learning far too much about WordPress in the process), but I’ll also be writing about the Mail’s coverage of IT and consumer electronics – two subjects dear to my heart that the Mail loves to get completely wrong.

I think it’s going to be interesting. Please take a look.

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