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I’ve mentioned before that I run a few planets. A planet is a simple web site which aggregates web feeds on a particular subject. They are named after the software which is used to build many such sites.

I’m always looking out for good ideas of other planets to add to my collection. Yesterday on irc, Dave Hodgkinson suggested a “planet sceptic” which is, of course, an excellent idea. It would be great to have a planet which aggregates a number of feeds from the growing sceptic/atheist community. And I thought it would be an interesting experiment to ask for ideas for the feeds to include.

Looking through my Bloglines subscriptions, I find a number of obvious candidates.

But I’m probably missing dozens of interesting feeds. If you have a suggestion, then please leave a comment. I’ll start with my list today but it’ll be easy enough to add stuff later.

Oh, and one other question. What should I call it? Dave originally suggested “Planet Sceptic”. Does “Planet Atheist” sound better? Or “Planet Rationalism”? Or perhaps “Planet Bright” (no, probably not that!) Again, let me know what you think in the comments.


  1. I’d go with Planet Skeptic – apart from anything else, plenty of Christians are rational skeptics where science is concerned.

  2. Being skeptic isn’t “questioning everything scientists say,” but “questioning arguments made without a rigorous proof behind them,” such as “There is a God” or “Christ died for our sins” or “the only way to the father is through the son”.For that reason, I suggest Planet Atheist.Also, seems to be not request

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