1. My music player has 8Gb, and I’ve never felt it lacking. Unless you REALLY have to have your complete collection on there, you’ll always be making choices of what to leave off, so I keep a few perennial favourite albums, and the most recent 10 or 20 acquisitions. Keeps me going, I use it every day.It plays MP3 files, they are sensible. .OGG is an geek affectation now, and not going anywhere, fast.

  2. My 40Gb iRiver is full and I doubt that I’ve ripped a fifth of the music that I own. I know that most people don’t have a collection as big as that, but I enjoy having that choice. And I do listen to the majority of it pretty regularly.I know that MP3 is going to win the audio format war. I’ve switched to ripping all my stuff as MP3 now. But I still have 40Gb or so of Ogg Vorbis files that I’d need to re-rip if I switched to a player that didn’t support the format.

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