42 Is Not The Answer

Well that about wraps it up for the Labour Party as far as I’m concerned. Less than three years after they doubled the the amount of time that a suspect could be held without charge, they have pushed through a bill which increases the time by another 50%. If the bill gets through the Lords, you’ll be able to be held for 42 days. This is far longer than in any other western democracy.

Like pretty much everyone I know, I’ve been becoming more and more disgusted with the Labour government. But through it all I clung to the belief that they were the best alternative. And I (usually) still voted for them.

But that’s all over now. A party that has so little regard for human rights is not one that I can possibly vote for. I left the party and sent back my membership card in protest over the Ken Livingstone/Frank Dobson fiasco in 2000. I’m beginning to wish that I hadn’t as this is a far more important matter to protest over.

The problem is, of course, who do I vote for now? Only the Labour and Conservative parties have a chance of winning my constituency. I’ve always been physically repulsed by the idea of voting Tory. Is it time to try and overcome that revulsion. Or do I effectively waste my vote by voting Green or for one of the more extreme left wing parties. I suppose I have a year or two to decide.

But this is a sad day in British politics. The modernisation of the Labour Party has gone too far. It’s time for “New Labour” to go. We want our party back.

Update: Blimey. A Tory politician with principles. Hats off to David Davies.

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  1. There’s something very very wrong when I find myself saying “thank god for the unelected Tory-dominated House of Lords”.

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