Faith Schools Petition

Oh this is so depressing. There’s a petition on the government’s e-petition site that calls for the government to continue its support for faith schools. It has a very bizarre set of scare quotes.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to continue the support for faith schools and to ensure that in all schools the teaching of traditional ‘faith’ views of origins is included alongside the more recent scientific ‘theories’ which many scientists ‘believe’.

The more details section is more explicit in its ignorance of science:

Evolution and other scientific theories should not be taught as fact but instead along side other ‘faith’ views of origins.

And then there’s this obvious nonsense:

Supporting faith schools will […] help to promote a fully multi-cultural and peaceful society.

Because religions are always so tolerant of people with different beliefs. I’m more than a little unconvinced by this argument.

The most worrying thing is that over 18,000 people have signed it. Truly we are becoming the 51st state.

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