The Joy of Flying

Martin makes some very good points about the unpleasantness of current airport security procedures. And, of course, once you get past security spending any amount of time in a plane is no fun at all.

I’m seriously considering cutting back on the amount of flying that I do. Not because of global warming, and not because I’m scared of terrorism, but because flying is just such a deeply nasty way to spend time.

We’re booked on flights to New Zealand in August, but apart from that I really can’t see myself wanting to spend more than a couple of hours in a plane. Cruising is definitely the way to go. And only cruises that leave from Harwich :-)

Scientists really need to get cracking on developing teleportation.


  1. I don’t fly any more. I’ll be going to YAPC::Europe in Vienna by train.Trains are *civilised*. You have legroom, you can get up and walk about, there’s a bar, and I get to meet crazy Germans and compare beard maintenance techniques.

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