Daily Mail Explodes

This was never going to go down well with the Daily Mail crowd

South Park, the cartoon series that has pushed the bounds of taste for a decade, has perhaps produced its most spectacularly offensive episode yet.

Certainly Her Majesty is unlikely to be amused by a programme that shows her blowing her brains out.

The scene begins with a clearly alarmed Queen receiving a call on her mobile telling her that an evil British plot to conquer America has gone awry.

She then reaches for a handgun, places it in her mouth and shoots herself. She can be seen tumbling from her throne and in the final image her bloody corpse is depicted lying prostrate on the palace floor.

It’s only just been published on their site as I write this and currently there’s only one comment (which, surprisingly, is in favour of the programme), but I suspect that the comments on this story will be apoplectic before too long.

It’s worth pointing out that South Park is currently shown on an obscure cable channel in the Uk. If it wasn’t for the Mail running this story, the vast majority of its readers (indeed the vast majority of the UK population) would have been unaware of this programme.


  1. I see you’ve gone for a Daily Mail style of sensationalist headline writing :-)Shouldn’t it be something like “Daily Mail expected to explode” or “Daily Mail readers might get a bit ticked off at this one” ?S. (tongue firmly wedged in cheek :)

  2. Sadly, it seems that my surefire predictions of the Mail readers’ reactions were wide of the mark. Whilst there has certainly been a lot of puffing and shouting, there has also been a lot of sense written.However, I shall take the tabloid route and stick with my original spin on the story.

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