Technical Interviews

Nik talks a lot of sense about technical interviews. As a purely anecdotal aside, I’m pretty sure that the interviews where I’ve been asked the kinds of questions that he’s talking about have lead to some of the jobs that I have least enjoyed.

And, as Nik mentions, this is all in the context of Guardian Unlimited looking for a lot of new employees (I can’t help wondering how permanent that URL is). Having worked at GU a couple of times, I’d recommend working there to anyone. It’s certainly one of the best places I’ve ever worked.

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  1. “I can’t help wondering how permanent that URL is”Actually, you’d be surprised. When we went to drop the content in at that URL we were surprised to find there was already a page there, some long-forgotten recruitment blurb from about six years ago. So perhaps the /joinus URL will last slightly longer than you (or I) would expect.

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