The God Delusion

Richard Dawkins’ new book, The God Delusion is published today and over the weekend the publicity machine started up. On Friday Dawkins was interviewed on Newnight. The interview will still be available from that site until tonight’s edition replaces it later today. The Newsnight site also has some extracts from the book and a discussion on some of the points. It’s good to see the number of rational people who are contributing to the discussion – but there are still a few religious types desperately clinging to their medieval beliefs.

Then the Guardian on Saturday had more extracts from the book and a review – they make it their book of the week.

Then on Sunday, Dawkins was apparently on the Heaven and Earth Show. I never watch the Heaven and Earth Show and the show doesn’t seem to be on the BBC web site so I don’t know what was said. Maybe I’ll try to track down a torrent tonight.

I haven’t read the book yet (I’ve got it on order from Amazon – got it for a tenner), but from what I’ve seen it’s an extension of the arguments that Dawkins’ presented so clearly in his documentary The Root of all Evil? earlier this year.

In a world where the voices of medievalism and superstition seem to drown out a lot of rational debate, it’s great to see Dawkins’ eminently sensible views getting such a lot of publicity.

Update: I’ve just found the Newsnight interview (albeit in a very dodgy aspect ratio) on YouTube.


  1. Did you see the review in the Evening Standard last night. It was the most biased anti-book review I think I’ve ever read.

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