Deluding Yourself

Thanks to Blairwatch for pointing out a brilliant parliamentary speech[1] by David Cameron from the first PMQ following the recent council elections.

[…] we can see that the Prime Minister will not even address the fact that he is losing the support of his party. He lives in a world best summed up by the analysis given to him about his local election results by the No. 10 planning committee. The leaked report said that

“people were angry with Tony because they love him so much, and they are angry because they think he might go”.

I think that that is what they call the view from the bunker.

Read the full speech at TheyWorkForYou.

[1] And how often do you get to say that about a Tory leader?

2 Replies to “Deluding Yourself”

  1. Oh, me too. It’s all very worrying.But remember, it’s not about personalities, it’s about parties. He may seem a decent enough chap but he still leads a party full of tory scum.

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