SIDStore are Spammers

(This is me using what limited Googlejuice this site has to get personal revenge)

Last June I bought a t-shirt from SIDStore. It was a nice t-shirt. It had a dalek on it. Here’s a picture of me wearing the t-shirt. I was happy with my purchase. All was well with the world.

Of course, as I bought the t-shirt over the internet, I gave my email address to the vendor. This was (I assumed) purely so they could sent me email relating to the purchase of the shirt. At no point did I sign up for them to start sending me marketing email. I never sign up for marketing email and always make sure I’ve unchecked that checkbox on any web form I fill in.

Everything continued being well with the world until early this year. At that point I got an email from SIDStore trying to convince me to visit their site and buy more t-shirts. I deleted it. And then a couple of weeks later I got another one. This time I replied to the email. I asked why they had taken it upon themselves to start sending me these emails and told them that I didn’t want to get any more. I got no reply other than another similar marketing email a couple of weeks later. I replied again asking once more to be removed from their mailing list. I should point out that none of their messages contain any details on how you might unsubscribe from their mailing list thereby breaking one of the basic rules for bulk email.

Of course, my second email was ignored too. And this morning I got another marketing email from them. So I’m going to assume that my email to them is being ignored for some reason and am forced to take alternative action. Stage one is this post. I’m hoping that this will get on the first page of a Google search for “SIDStore” and people will see that SIDStore use dubious onlne marketing tactics – sending marketing email to people who haven’t requested it and not removing people from their mailing list when asked to.

SIDStore make nice shirts. I was very happy with the one I bought from them. But I won’t buy from people who send unsolicited commercial email. So I won’t be buying anything else from them until they remove me from their mailing list and explain why I was put on their list and why my previous requests to be removed have been ignored.

I strongly suggest that you do the same.

To summarise: SIDStore are spammers. Don’t deal with them.

Update: Success. Currently this is the fourth second hit for a search on sidstore. I ♥ Google.

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  1. easy dave get a grip…I send the messages from SIDStore and I always take people off if they request it…we have links on the bottom of all our mails to unsubscibe as we use a mail system from exacttarget that won’t allow us to send a message unless we do so…The only way we can add you to our mailing list is by you ticking the box in our checkout…This puts a 1 in our database that means when I do an update you record is added…I’m pleased you liked the shirt though…sorry to hear you’re so pissed off, we’re only trying to make fun t shirts for people to buy…not invade a small country…If you want call me the number is on the front of the site http://www.sidstore.comspeak soon,

    Cheers Neil.

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