Vernon God Little by DB Pierre

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This is book seven in my attempt to read fifty books in 2005.

Another Booker Prize winner and another book I really didn’t enjoy. But whilst I can understand why people like the Rushdie, I can’t see any redeeming qualities in this book at all.

The plot is predictable and the characters are stereotypes. This book has nothing to recommend it.


  1. Two people raved about this book and convinced me to read it. I too was less than impressed. The writing was confusing, the plot was not terribly interesting, when the central mystery could have been.I did get a Douglas Coupland kind of feeling from it though, that it was more about explaining America in the post Columbine environment than about the story. I’m glad I read it, it wasn’t too long, and I’ve had a few interesting conversations about it.

  2. Well, what a bunch of illiterates. You probably prefer science fantasy. I expect you wear black t-shirts and like Heavy Metal too, thinking it ‘ironic’.

  3. Jon, perhaps you could give at least one reason why you think it’s good !And Science Fantasy is quite a small genre, I prefer Science Fiction, and occasionally Fantasy :-)

  4. That’s right, Jon. Just because we didn’t enjoy one novel which (I assume) you liked, then we must obviously fit into the stereotype of all the things that you like least.Science Fantasy: nothing other than the occasional Tolkien for the last twenty years.Black t-shirts: well some – but I prefer something a bit more colourful.Heavy metal: Nope. Again, not for the last twenty years.Sorry to disappoint :)

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