Know Your Place

And your place, if today’s newpapers are to be believed, is being totally awestruck by the magnanimity shown by the royals in letting us mere plebs know about their wedding plans.

Honestly, it’s all over every paper. And it’s really of no interest at all to anyone with the slightest vestige of intelligence. Two middle-aged rich parasites are going to marry. So what? And there’s still two months to go. It’s only going to get worse. And then there will be all the paparazzi trailing them on the honeymoon.

All of which will leave very little room for real news in the tabloids over the next few months. Which is, of course, the real story. Only a real cynic would suggest that a this has been planned so that the General Election was held whilst the flag-waving, tabloid-reading sheep in the country are still basking in the warm glow of jingoism that only a sporting triumph, a (legal) war or a big royal party can give them. Or that this can only be to the advantage of the party in power.

But then we only use industrial strength cynics here at davblog. And it’s worth noting that this news was (accidently, I’m sure) timed to remove last night’s debate on ID cards from today’s front pages.

That nice Tony Blair would never sink so low, would he?

Update: Oh look. General election announcement likely to clash with wedding date

Update: Actually, it wasn’t quite every paper. Hats off to the Independent for their “Here is the news you may have missed” front page

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  1. I suppose the ‘so what’ is the constitutional issues it brings up because she’s Catholic and a divorcee. More an issue for the C of E, but then that is the majority religion of the UK if you believe the census.If nothing else it’s a reminder that, really, we ought to be doing something to update the way the head of state and executive is structured…

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