Firefox in the Press

Today’s Guardian leader has a very nice piece about Firefox and how it’s slowly but surely eating away at IE’s market share.

Firefox deserves to succeed, but even if it does not it will have highlighted the astonishing success of open source, well known inside the web community but not outside. Among other services, it has its own operating system (Linux), an acclaimed alternative to Microsoft Office (OpenOffice), and its own encyclopedia (Wikipedia) with a million entries. The open source movement has become one of globalisation’s unexpected treasures.

It’s good to see such positive reporting in such mainstream media.

Update: There’s also a story on the BBC News site.

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  1. It’s a bit of a shame that they stress the non-commercial side of things over the non-propriatery. It’ll increase awareness of OSS but also propogate the myth that it’s something which isn’t commercially viable.

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