Election Aftermath

One last round-up of US election stuff and I promise we’ll be back to our scheduled programming.

Firstly a site where intelligent Americans apologise to the rest of the world.

In today’s Guardian Simon Schama writes about the divisions in the USA and names the two nations Worldly America and Godly America.

Worldly America, which of course John Kerry won by a massive landslide, faces, well, the world on its Pacific and Atlantic coasts and freely engages, commercially and culturally, with Asia and Europe in the easy understanding that those continents are a dynamic synthesis of ancient cultures and modern social and economic practices.

Godly America, on the other hand, rock-ribbed in Dick Cheney’s Wyoming, stretched out just as far as it pleases in Dubya’s deeply drilled Texas, turns its back on that dangerous, promiscuous, impure world and proclaims to high heaven the indestructible endurance of the American Difference.

And here’s a table of American states listed by IQ and who they voted for.

Might be a good time to reread The Handmaid’s Tale. The US is in danger of waking up and finding it has turned into Gilead.


  1. I think the data in that there IQ thingumie is very suspect, if not a hoax. (I’ve heard that it is, but….)(and of course, there’s a whole other rant on IQ testing being both broken and biased)

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