Film/Book Tie-Ins

Occasionally (!) films based on books end up bearing little relation to the original books. A good currenty example is I Robot. I haven’t yet seen the film, but the trailers I’ve seen make it very clear that that it has almost nothing to do with Asimov’s original collection of short stories. However there must be a book tie-in for the film so they have rereleased the book with a film-themed cover. I hope that new readers aren’t too disappointed by the mismatch.

I noticed this in Forbidden Planet this lunchtime and, continuing the theme, I see that FP have a special promotion on Le Morte D’Arthur this month. I suppose that this is supposed to tie in with the recent release of King Arthur – but even the publisher’s marketeers have realised that an official tie-in would be a step too far.

And while I was there I noticed that there’s a complete DVD release of Timeslip. That was one of the earliest TV shows I can remember watching and I’d really like to see it again. I’m sure it will seem to be a bit rubbish these days, but I’ve added it to my Amazon wishlist just in case.

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