White Camel

In 1999 the Perl Mongers organisation started the White Camel awards. These awards are intended to recognised individuals who have made important non-technical contributions to the Perl community. A few years ago Perl Mongers was absorbed by The Perl Foundation and TPF have continued the awards. The awards are traditionally announced at the Open Source Convention.

So this years awards were announced in Portland last night. And I was one of the winners. Apparently I was nominated for my work starting the London Perl Mongers, “organising” them for three years and then moving on to be the co-ordinator for all of the international Perl Monger groups.

It’s nice to know that my efforts are appreciated. Of course, I now feel duty-bound to start putting in even more effort :)

And congratulations to this year’s other winners – Jon Orwant and brian d foy.

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