Julian Ridsdale

This is going to be of even less interest to most people than most of the stuff that I write about.

Julian Ridsdale was the conservative MP for the area that I grew up in for the whole time that I lived there. As such he was responsible for giving me a lifelong distrust of tories many years before I’d even heard of Thatcher. He was a very unpleasant man.

Anyway, he’s dead now.

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  1. Am I the only one who finds it oddly gratifying when people whom I have p(hilosoph|polit)ical disagreements with die?

  2. It is of interest to me as it made me aware that I may have a connection and as it turns out he is my cousin with our joint ancestors being Thomas Doe Thacker and Ann Sutton who had daughters Annie Jane my GGrandmother and his G Mother being Esther Lucy.So unpleasant or not thank you for making me aware of him.Ive tried to contact some over there and I form the opinion that they are all aloof and unpleasant.Im glad my pop ran away in 1880 and setlled in Australia some 6 years later.Regards Richard Martin

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