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Yesterday I got a couple of comments from Zoo Weekly fans who objected to my previous entry about their sad little comic.

I wondered how they’d found me, but it turns out that a google search for Zoo Weekly lists my page first – before even the official web page.

Which turns out to be a bit of a mixed blessing :)

Update: Well, it was true at 8:00 this morning. Now I’m second and the official website is first.

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  1. You don’t still have it hanging about, do you? If y’do can I have a nosey at it? The potential for feminist ranting should be huge….

  2. Zoo is only top because they’re paying for it. It’s a sponsored link.Obviously no-one else but you cares ;-)

  3. hey, davorg. after reading ur last pages i just wanna ask how an illiterate can read?! u muppet! do u not see that the magazine is great?! how old r u? every guy below their mid 50s would find it great!

  4. Hello Lost Prophet, thanks for adding your comment, but I wonder if you actually know what “illiterate” means. Or maybe you were being ironic. Your comment is certainly the least literate on this page.And are you implying that misogyny is a function of age? Do you think that men get less sexist as they get older? I certainly haven’t seen any evidence to back up that theory.

  5. Of course i know what illiterate means. I went to a private school, i’m a med-student. Don’t u dare try to patronise me. It has been proven in my own studies that i did for A-level Business Studies that as men get older they get less attracted by jokes and pictures than politics and complaining letters.

  6. Ok, so if you know what “illiterate” means then in what way do you think that I am illiterate? I admit that I make the occasional typo but I know how to spell words like “you” and “are” and I start each sentence with a capital letter. Many of the Zoo fans I’ve seen posting here (including you) don’t seem to follow those rules. Or is that not what literacy means to you?Please tell me more about your Business Studies survey. It sounds unlikely to me that anything like this could really be proven in A Level homework, but I’m quite happy to be shown to be wrong on that.For myself, I find I’m getting slightly more tolerant of sexist and misogyny as I get older. Not that I approve of it any more, of course, it’s just that there are alway morons who will enjoy magazines like Zoo and it’s not worth fighting every battle.

  7. About the Lost Prophet (or given his Business Studies, should that not be Lost Profit?), don’t you just hate it when people protest their intelligence by citing their academic history. Sounds like good grounding for an inferiority complex – no wonder you feel like you are being patronised!

  8. davorg – I don’t think you quite get the meaning of the word illiterate – why not go check it up in a dictionary? It means the inability to read or write you stupid git!

  9. Unless you prefer a different definition – i.e Ignorant of letters or books, uneducated, etc.?But to be fair this is more ignorance than illiteracy, don’t you think?From what you say I’d have to take a stab that you must be involved in law though – you seem pretty good at twisting things – where exactly did Lost Prophet call you illiterate?Although I must agree with professor flimflam in proclaiming Lost Prophet as a bit of a dick alright!

  10. jonny b. bad,I agree completely with your definition of the word “illiterate”. And most of the Zoo supporters that have been posting here have proved themselves to be illiterate by their almost total inability to write messages in anything even approaching English.Can’t say anything positive about their ability to read tho’ – but I strongly suspect that they mostly just look at the pictures :)

  11. Hey! studying magazines and stuff for my coursework at the moment, came across your site. Absolutely loving the backlash and the accusations of you being a virgin or whatever, thought it was hilarious how people can be so ignorant and narrow minded. After looking through Zoo Weekly today I can see they are appealing to the right audience!

  12. Well, to be honest, I think Zoo is brilliant (I’m 15). Fair enough the language is used is basic but that just makes it more accessible and easier for people to read – not everyone has had a 1st class education. I came across your site doing research for my media GCSE – and to be honest ‘davorg’ sounds like an extremly arrogant person. Can’t you not look down at people for one second of your life!!! Well thats all i’ve got to say. (P.s. Just for anyone who hasn’t read it – ‘Nuts’ is also good but not as much pussy)

  13. Zoo is probably the best lads mag out. I have to agree with previous statements about davorg. Firstly don’t use words you don’t understand and secondly i also suspect you are a homo. Fair enough not every guy likes naked girls, cars and sport but the majority do hence zoo is the perfect magazine for men today and considering it’s price you can’t complain. SO GROW UP YOU FUCKING DIPSHIT!!!! an stop moaning about something. If you don’t like it don’t read it!!!

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