On Anna in Wonderland last night, Anna Nolan investigated groups of people in the UK who like to think they are vampires. It was all rather sad.

There was Lucius (and I’m betting that’s not what her parents called her) who proudly showed off her filed teeth and her coffin. “So you sleep in that do you?” asked Anna. “Well sometimes,” replied Lucius, “but it can get a bit hot in there.”

Saddest of all was Jason. A 32 year old who still lives with his father in Wellingborough. From possibly the most unhygenic bedroom ever seen on TV he runs the “National Vampire Association”. He has a web site, but Google doesn’t seem to know about it. From this centre of operations he tracks down disaffected goth teenagers and persuades them that they are vampires. If they are female he’ll offer to let them drink his blood, presumably in the hope of getting sexual favours in return.

Anna was appalled by what she saw. “I don’t think you should be telling these young people that they are vampires,” she said, “They aren’t vampires, they’re just confused.” “I really wish it was that simple,” replied Jason, “Being a vampire isn’t easy.”

“So you think they’ll always be vampires?” asked Anna. To which Jason replied, “They’ll be vampires until they die”.

I thought the point about vampires was that they were already dead.


  1. I had the misfortune to see this too. Well, some of it. It was like watching a train crash. I kept switching it over, but found myself being drawn back to it.And I thought Lucius was a bloke’s name, in fact, I thought Lucius was a bloke. Until s/he/it spoke.I mean, come on, Lucius Malfoy LeStat. Anna has gone downhill recently too.

  2. I’d just like to correct a few of your mistakes. First of all Jason does not track down disillusioned goths and convince them they are vampires. There are so many things wrong with your sentence there. The first of which is not all goth’s are vamps….your being very stereotypical there. Second Jason doesn’t track anybody down over the net and brainwash them into believing things. Your making him sound like he’s the head of some cult. Thirdly Jason does not offer for females to drink his blood in return for sexual favours. He has only ever shared his blood with his current girlfriend at the time. In an age where disease is easily spread he’s not stupid enough to go mixing bodily fluids with total strangers in return for sex. Another mistake you made is that he owns he NVA. He doesn’t. A woman called Jessica does. As for google not knowing about such a site, google is hardly the greatest and most reliable search engine in the world. I’m sure there are plenty of things it doesn’t know about. Another mistake, Jason was 31 at time of filming. He didn’t turn 32 until after you posted this little web page. As for Jason living with his father have you ever heard of being appointed someone’s carer? Jason’s father is registered disabled. Jason is legally registered as his carer. Kind of hard to take care of someone’s needs when your not nearby 24/7. And the state of Jason’s room (which A. is none of your business and B. has since been cleaned) comes with being a manic depressive for most of your life and being a total recluse for 2 solid years. When you live alone in your world I don’t think you really give a damn as to how often you clean your room. As for being the most unhygenic ever seen on tv you obviously never saw another BBC program called a life of grime. To do with squatters and other such people who live in far worse states. About vampires being already dead it seems like you’ve been watching too many hollywood movies. Like lycanthropy, vampirism is a real medical condition and works in a similar way to diabetes. They lack energy and must obtain it elsewhere. Finally Anna was not appalled at the things she saw. She just accepted Jason and the others filmed for who they were and has since contacted some of them to see how they were. Not the act of someone who’s appalled by someone now is it? Next time you decide to run your mouth about someone you don’t know I suggest you check that your facts are 100% spot on.

  3. Kelly,Thanks for your stream of conciousness :)

    I’ll try to separate out your points and answer them individually. It’s been a while since I saw the programme and my memory on some of the stuff is a bit hazy.

    * I didn’t say that all goths are vampires. But it seems to me that all vampires have goth tendencies.
    * OK, I’ll accept that Jason doesn’t track people down over the net. How do people get in touch with him? I thought it was throught the NVA website.
    * I didn’t say that he brainwashed people. I do believe however, from what I saw, that he does try to encourage people to see their problems in terms of vampirism.
    * The stuff about him getting sexual favours was my invention. If you say that it’s untrue then I’m very happy to believe it.
    * I’m pretty sure that the programme showed him being very keen to allow one of the teens he was helping to drink some of his blood. Didn’t he even go out and buy a new razorblade for that reason?
    * I thought that the programme said that he ran the NVA website. Either I misremembered or the programme got it wrong.
    * Actually, I think that Google _is_ the greatest and most reliable searche engine in the world. What would you suggest as an alternative? And I think that it did know about the NVA website, but I assumed it was the wrong one as it didn’t mention Jason. If anyone else reading this is interested – the site is at
    * I think I got his age from the programme. Again, either I misremembered or the programme got it wrong.
    * I don’t think the program mentioned that his father was disabled. It certainly wasn’t made clear and the viewer was lead to the conclusion that Jason was a bit of a saddo for living with his father. The fact that he is a registered carer obviously puts a completely different slant on it.
    * As for the state of Jason’s room, I can’t really be too judgemental as my study is pretty untidy too. But I know that if the BBC were coming round to film me then I’d make a bit of an effort to tidy up.
    * If vampirism was a real medical condition then these people would be able to get help from the NHS. They wouldn’t need to go to people like Jason.
    * Anna certainly did seem appalled in the scene that I was quoting from. If she’s been in touch with people since, then I assume that’s because she was very concerned for them. Being appalled doesn’t prevent you from being concerned.

    I assume that you know Jason personally so I can see how you wouldn’t see the humour in my article. Personally I find the whole subject very funny but sad at the same time. It’s funny that there are people who thing they are vampires (but they really aren’t) but it’s sad that there are people like Jason who encourage them in those beliefs.I’m sure Jason thinks that he’s doing some good, but he really isn’t. He’s encouraging dangerous delusions and these people would be far better off speaking to a doctor.

  4. Actually, I have *just* watched the program (as in, I watched the last five minutes of it while reading this – it was shown tonight on Danish TV), so some of Kelly’s remarks I can contradict with great certainty.Not only did Jason go out and buy razorblades should Mugsy want to try to drink blood (the poor confused teenager who obviously was not a vampire, but who Jason tried very hard to convince to feed of him – at least that was the impression the program gave), but later on Mel drank blood from his arm. Kelly’s statement about Jason only sharing blood with his girlfriend is obviously wrong.The program said Jason was 32. 31, 32 – it really doesn’t make any difference, does it?Anna said – and I quote: “I have had it up to here with Wellingborough and vampires. Poor kids who are being led to think they’re vampires when they’re just confused and bored. It’s sad. I’m sick and tired of it”. To me, that sounds like being appalled by it.

  5. After stumbling upon Jason in the Anna in Wonderland show, I am deeply concerned that his apparent tendency towards minors was massively overlooked. SYPDO is a quasi residential organisation fighting the root causes of grooming minorphilia in south yorkshire. As concerned and experience campaigners we would be willing to intervene in this case. Any information on this disturbing issue would be gratefully received.

  6. After watching the programme I was, myself, disturbed to see the ease with which Jason diagnosed people with vampirism. I like to think I have an open mind, but I feel he used the power of suggestion, combined with fairly good looks and an age advantage (which gives him a sense of authority) to give impressionable teens an answer to problems which many will overcome by their own ways.I am not saying that vampirism is not a real thing. I am fully aware that science is forever finding new things. All I am saying is that this persons actions could be dangerous. His untidy room could be a health hazard, as it may be a breeding ground for bacteria. If it has been cleaned, good. Blood tests aside, it is dangerous as the “feeder” could have problems. His power over teens may cause more hamr than good.As a teenager myself I remember well the feelings of apathy, lack of energy and motivation, depression etc, and yes, I used to fantasise about being something “wholly other”, but, as these things usually do, it went away, not through drugs or cult followings, but through time and learning. I am not saying all problems disappear with time, but that most have natural causes which do not require such extreme measures.The young girl ” Mogsy” said she had been told by Jason that she may be a vampire, but the syptoms she described are connected with a variety of stress related problems, and other more usual natural causes. certainly I would not jump to the conclusion he did and say ” you may be a vampire!”He then says that even though she has said she doesn’t want to feed, he will buy razor blades just in case…a small step in his method of persuasion.Finally, in response to Kelly saying it was a) a medical condition and B) similar to diabetes I can safely say neither are true!Having been a diabetic for many years I fail to see how the two are the same. My pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin to turn my sugur into energy ( to put in simple terms) so I have tablets ( i used to have injections) which do it for me. There is no medical way that drinking blood from another human being could give you energy as it would be destroyed in the stomach and if it was input directly into the bloodstream it would have to be the same blood type to have any medical effect.As a final mention, i would warn anyone who feels that this vampirism may be the answer to see whether they have any physical medical problems first, then get therapy, and then talk to anyone, ANYONE other than this person. Even talk to me before deciding you want to be known as a vampire

  7. Intriguing programme. It goes without saying that the whole idea of “Vampires” living in reality is complete nonsense – But the programme was interesting nevertheless. If you actually look at the people it featured they come across as being under-achievers, layabouts and also un-educated. People who have no real self-confidence or have anything to contribute to life. To make up for their inferiority and their worthlessness they strive to be different, and then take-on this self-invented lifestyle to gain the interest and respect of others. It starts off as an interest and then leads to an obsession. Very sad (and possibly ill) people who need help.

  8. Well, thought id say hi, seein as you are all talking about me, and my friend J-J…. that was a LONG time ago, but my belifes are still strong…. I wasnt confused at the time… Its all about learning, you CANNOT judge if you havent seen the whole thing… so try taking a slice out of our lives then, then tell me what it was… was nonsence!

  9. Just watched the program on Irish TV – was appalled at that guy Jason – trawling the internet for vunerable young girls… it was sickening to watch him take advantage of young confused teenage girls… why was he just a mentor to just girls… maybe to have sexual relationships with underage girls? Its a pity Anna didnt challenge him on the fact he only seemed to meet girls for a drinking session!

  10. ya, just watched the programme on RTE, Ireland – immediately went searching on the net as am very concerned for any young impressionible person who has, or may in the future come in contact with this Jason guy. That girl Mugsy clearly was not on for doing anything and kept repeating the fact that she was “apparently” a vampire (i wonder who made that apparent to her) and that she was “supposed” to be one. But it was as if this Jason didn’t even hear her – all he could think about was buying a pack of razors so she could suck on his back. His calmness and sense of being sincere and of being knowledgeable (word??) is very worrying and is obviously how he attracts young people. Scary shit.Melody, your photos are savage!

  11. just saw it too, on RTE2em…he wasnt just a mentor to girls, there were two blokes Anna was talkign to outside the pub that described him as a mentor.i thought it was hillarius that the description one of them gave of drinking blood was more like an answer to “how would you like your steak?”sad? yea thats a good enough description.the meaning that i hold for the work vampiric descripes a person who draws energy from other people (whether they know it or not) through their behaviour. Buying cows blood to drink and sleeping in a coffin? thats just odd (i do like a bit of black pudding with my breakfast, but…)as for Jasons behavoiur… i didnt like it. going out and buying razor blades just in case Mogsy changed her mind… even though she made it clear she didnt want to “feed”. Seemed like a bit of an aggressive measure.Drink blood from someones arm before seeing documents assuring you of their health??? Hello HEP-C !!!

  12. Having just watched this on RTE2 I must admit that I would be concerned about this guy’s behaviour too….budding paedophile???Can’t he be reported to authorities or something?

  13. Does anyone know the website of this “National Vampire Association”, that jason runs, as the one on google called vamp lair look compleatly different

  14. hi there i just watched the programme too..a late bloomer i should….i wasnt appauled however that lucius whatever her name was greatly brought about a cheery ray of sunshine to my day….s/he/it/thingman really was rather pathetic but people can beleive what they want about C.V…(clinical vampirism for al you soft heads out there)….vampires here are the facts1. they can go out in sun light2. they dont need to sleep in coffins3. they dont need to drink blood at all but there is a hoever which i will talk about in a whileand why dont you take most of the beautiful glisty glamour hollywood has put into the subject and (excuse the pun) suck all your expectations of vampires out your mind.vampires are real im sorry but they are they are not dead and they DO die not with garlic nor a steak through the heart but just as any *normal* being would……as for jason i thnk mentoring those kin was very nice but however going on the t.v was a bit too far i felt sorry for him personally…and that poor girl he mey in the goose she probably didnt even know she was getting filmed until she got there thats why she didnt or she just generally didnt…but there are TWO different types of vampires out there we have your hollywood types the Sang vamps *sang short for sangunarian…meaning blood eater or something i cant remember completely but Sang does mean blood loosely translated) and theres the psi vamps thoose of uswho like to take energy from the aura or spirit…its ledd dangerous cumon you cant get aids from the spirit these vampires are just a step into the sub cultures and under grounds of life please dont judge them they are basically the next eveoloution on humans ……. it sounds crazy it really does but i have studied them for many years now if anyone wishes to talk to me further my e-mail is there or you can search for it on the net its very helpful good night

  15. Initially I was intrigued by this program as I often am intrigued by anything a bit strange and out of the ordinary. However after watching for some time and seeing how confused that Mogsy girl was, I was appauled myself. If there is something strange out there that I dont understand then fine, I will remain open minded. However I am confident that I do understand this whole Vampire thing, or at least what was going on in that program. Its a nonsense. That man was clearly of low inteligence. When he said something like “being a vampire sucks”, and then appologised for the “cleche” this became obvious. A cleche means that a phrase, opinion style etc is predictable and overused. I think he meant it was a “pun” There really are some dodgy characters out there. I do think its a bit over the top to say he might be a paedophile though. There was no evidence of sectual favours and at the time he met those girls they were of the legal age anyway. It does worry me a bit though. However we seem to live in a guilty until proven innocent society when it comes to subjects like that. I aggre with earlier comments about it being a learning process but is it a good one? Thats the question youve got to ask yourself. Obviosly young people with a depressive personality/depression are going to be undergoing a learning experience and trying to find themselves ect, but its not the same learning experience as a person who is not ill-its a vulnerable one. Just look what has happened to the main guy in that program. They young people are just like him and their lives have not even begun- and as long as there are people like that about its going to carry on- theres nothing you can do about it really and I dont think anyone should have the right to stop it but I do think that the dangers and simple facts of Vampirism should be made more clear- even then that could entice these vulnerable people seeking alternativity and escapism even more. I dont see what can be done so all in all its quite sad. All I can say is that vulnerable unhappy people attract the same sort of people as they face such similar issues that they are the only people they fully relate to. Just a sad fact of life I think and so is depression.

  16. Jasonit was the first time i seen that last nite, Melody is my little sister, if you ever see me you better watch your back! for messing around with my little sister when she was 12!!!

  17. I watched the programe in question a few weeks ago as a friend had taped it for me.I, myself, am a vampire and to be fair it is a difficult life, but most if not all in this programme was complete nonsence.Amongst the community as a whole we do not show ourselves and, if we do not live by the code set out for us, then we certainly do know the rules and stick a great deal to them. This list of rules I will not mention here, as I do not want others,who are not of the vampire nature, tracing it to the original websites.One of these rules is strict and again if we do not follow it from within a house then we personally at least follow it for good reasons. Jason in this progamme executed himself as soon as he mentioned that he was allowing and/or feeding from under 18’s. This I too find very disturbing.In this life we all go through many stresses and turbulent times and many can say they have the symptoms of what we call vampirism (a word that many of us hate and resultingly look for or use other terms).The state of Jason’s bedroom is not significant here – the state of his mind is.What the hell was he thinking feeding and/or allowing minors to feed from himself? That is what angered me.I have looked Jason up online and read interviews with him, and, I think that the houses linked to these interviews need to watch this programme to see the effects that he is having on minors and how he is treating them.The awakening process is not an easy one and, in most cases, happens a while after the teenage years but not in all cases. Because of the RULES (ie they have to be over 18) then there are other ways to help these vampires. Blood feeding is not our only way and I myself do help people through this time. If they can prove to me their symptoms then the first thing I will teach them is NOT blood feeding but something called paranic feeding which is safer as blood born diseases are not an issue and the donor merely feels a little tired but with no long lasting effects.There are other ways around the blood issue and some like Jason go about it the wrong way.There are genuine reasons that most of the real vampires in the community do not do interviews: because of what is writen in these pages and, for a second, that most so-called vampires who do do interviews are not actually vampires. Often they think they have something to prove and, in doing programmes like the one mentioned only provoke hatred of the unknown.Jason, I do not care how many call you an elder, nor how many houses you are assosiated with you, know what you did and why you shouldnt have. Let’s face it, acting like this whilst being labelled as an elder? No wonder there is as much crap around the community these days.When will the vampire comunity learn that doing public interviews doesn’t do us any good? It only damages our own who have to suffer the torments more because of you making us look like idiots and minorphiles. It is a fact that all who have knowledge and who care have to pick up the pieces after all the damage is done.As for Lucius… Well, again here we have someone who is a life styler – who wants to be and will never be. It was embaracing! “Oohhhhhh keep that garlic away from me”! Isn’t it a known fact that garlic is an aid to the blood stream and that it is only fiction that we have an alergic reaction to it? Anyone taking up a role as an undead vampire should be comitted. Sleeping in a cofin is actually comfortable but, let’s face it, when you cant fit in to, it won’t be here. We do not have a vampire here, we have someone who wishes to be, so they do an interview so that more people will think she is. In fact all she did was present herself to be laughed at.As for past comments of vampires being portrayed as being idle and stupid well, most of us actually hold down everday jobs and in truth you meet us everday and won’t even know it. We serve you food, drink and even drive you to work in the morning. We do not all portray ourselves as goths.The only thing you have done here Jason is to force most of us to hide even further in what we are and for now it’s about the safest thing. That is the only thing that I will thank you for!Good day

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