Cassette Massacre

As part of the mass clearout I mentioned earlier, I found three boxes full of cassettes. They haven’t been played in five years so I made the (painful) decision to throw them away. I’m an incredible horder so this was immensely painful. I estimate there were about four hundred of them – prerecorded albums, compilation tapes I’d made for parties, things I’d recorded from the radio, all manner of things. If I remember rightly there would have been a lot of obscure compilations of obscure 80s indie bands.

There were only three things I insisted on holding on to. Bootlegs from two gigs I was at[1] and Marillion’s demo tape from 1981.

But I feel I’m growing as a person :)

[1] Leonard Cohen, Albert Hall, May 1993 and Velvet Underground, The Forum, June 1993.

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