I wrote a while ago about how I’d shared some of my early memories of Marillion with an author who was writing the definitive history of the band. Well the book has been published. It’s called Separated Out. I picked up a copy in Borders today. The piece I wrote has been used almost unedited… Continue reading Marillion

Tubular Bells

Whilst I was in HMV yesterday, for some reason I noticed the Mike Oldfield section. It’s frightening that Oldfield is still pumping out the same music that he’s been producing for thirty-odd years but that doesn’t detract anything from the genius of Tubular Bells. This reminded me that it had been far too long since… Continue reading Tubular Bells

CD Shopping

I feel so dirty. I’ve just bought CDs from Sainsburys of all places. But hey, they were £9.99 each which is a good $pound; cheaper than most other places. If anyone’s interested I bought the new Coldplay album, the new Peter Gabriel album and the Avril Lavigne album. The last of those was a complete… Continue reading CD Shopping