Week Notes 2


A review of the gigs I saw last year. And a new classic album post.


Weight is slowly coming down. Annoyingly, it has stuck as 14 stone for the last two days. Need to start doing more exercise.

Speaking and Training

Haven’t done enough to prepare for all the training that is coming up in February. Perhaps I’ll do something about that later today.

I submitted a couple of talks to YAPC::Europe, a Perl conference that will be in Kiev in August. One of them has already been accepted.


I bought a Raspberry Pi. The plan is to run XBMC on it. Hope to get round to setting it up over the next couple of weeks.


I saw Caravan on Tuesday. I’ve never listened to Caravan but they’ve always seemed to be the kind of band I should listen to. They were good, but I haven’t been inspired enough to track down loads of their material.

While I was watching them I couldn’t shake the idea that they were a banded formed by bank managers and retired policemen.


I saw Life of Pi last weekend. I enjoyed it a lot. I read the book many years ago, but I had forgotten most of the details. It was the first time I’d seen a film in 3D when the 3D effects didn’t seem completely pointless.

Then last night we watched Cemetery Junction. I’d been meaning to see that since it came out. It was ok, but there was nothing really there that we haven’t seen dozens of times before.


  1. I’d say to wait until the newest version of XMBC is released before setting up the Pi. It’s on RC3 at the moment so it shouldn’t be too long. It’s just the upgrade can be pretty annoying. I upgraded mine to RC1 a while a go and now they are saying when I upgrade to the final release I’ll have to do a full reinstall. That’s with Rasbmc. Not sure if OpenElec is any better.

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