Week Notes 1

Let’s start the year as we mean to go on and get the first week notes post of 2013 out of the way.


Yesterday I wrote a brief review of the year and started to catch up on classic albums. Other than that I haven’t written anything for three weeks.


As expected, I put on a bit of weight on holiday and ended the year about half a stone heavier than the lightest point I reached in 2012. But it’s now a new year and I’m galvanised to repeat last year’s success.

Currently that involves being careful about what I eat. I haven’t galvanised myself into any exercise yet. I’ll probably walk to the cinema and back later today.

Speaking & Training

Lots coming up on the training front. It’s just over a month to Perl School 4 and I need to write that course. I also need to look at the marketing as I haven’t sold many tickets yet.

Then, soon after that is the two public Perl courses I’m running for FlossUK.

Dates for YAPC Europe have been announced and I’d be surprised if I don’t speak at that. It’s August 12-14th and this year it’s in Kiev.


Did I mention I’ve been on holiday? We spent Christmas and New Year in South Africa. We had a great time. Photos and more detailed blog posts will hopefully turn up over the next few weeks.

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