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I’ve seen some cheeky 419 mail in my time, but this one (which arrived over the weekend) is the first that claims to be from a British MP and former minister.

Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2007 5:06:03 +1000 [31/08/07 20:06:03 BST]
From: “” <>
Subject: Patricia Hewitt MP

Dear Friend,

I got your contact after a search for a person with whom I can entrust
with a charitable projects.

I am Patricia Hewitt, the last Secretary of State for Health here in UK
before the present one Alan Johnston. I like to introduce a project
that will get to do with charity in your country and any neighbouring
country around you: Please let me know what your response will be to an
offer to receive charity investment funds in cash if you will understand
the fact that I have my reputation and intergrity to protect as the
last Secretary of State for Health here in UK.

1. The said fund amounts to Seventeen Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars

2. The said fund is in cash and will be make available to you in same

3.The fund is intended to be invested into any charity organisation
through your agency in the said purposes within your country.

4. This transaction will result to you being paid a commission of 30%
off the investment capital and the balance destributed to charity
organisations of your choice or reinvested and the net income used for
rehabilitating charity organisation in and around your country through your
agency annually for the period of some time at least five years or

5.You must understand that I desire absolute confidentiality and
professionalism in the handling of this project and as a result of that and
for security reasons to my reputation as the former Secretary of State for Health
under her excellency Queen Elizabeth, I will not be able to always
communicate with you but my lawyer will take up the processing on my behalf
and get the funds processed and released to you without any delay.

I’m a person that has a very big heart for the less priviledge people
which is one of my top priority which is to positively uses my office to
affect the life of so many people which is why I am doing this. I am
not in any way going to benefit from this transaction financially but I
will be very happy if you will be sincere with me to handle this
project with utmost sincerity and confidentiality and use the funds for the
purpose which I have above explained to you.

Please respond urgently if you are interested so I can give to you the
details of my lawyer and commence the transaction properly and please
if you know you are not ready and trust worthy person, please don’t
reply this message.

You can check more about me out at but the website is presently
under mentainace due to the high rate of fraudulent activities but you
can also check more about me out and and please do not try
to contact me through any of my personal information you may lay your
hand on the internet because all my phones are connected to the British
House of Parliament data base and if the British government get to know
about this funds, our effort to get the funds secured for the purpose
of charitable investment plans will be jeopardise. But you can call me
on any of my number you can get on the internet for normal greetings and
do not try to introduce yourself or discuss this transaction but just
call to make sure I’m trully what I tell you I am for you to be sure
that this transaction is free from scamers.

Please send your response to this E-mail:


Patricia Hewitt MP,
former Secretary of State for Health
233 Owen Walk,
London SE37 88AQ

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